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Sean Rising Sun Flanagan

Sculptor, Artist I am an indigenous artist from the Taos Pueblo. I create steel sculptures and cultural items such as painted elk and buffalo hide drums.  I draw inspiration from the ancestral images of my native roots.  My works…

Nadine Lollino

Dance Artist Nadine Lollino alongside Trey Donovan have been creating, performing and offering classes in music and dance under the name MovementLab.  Nadine has been creating dance works, costumes and video projections since the early 2000's, curated and ran…

Diane Eger

Jeweler We are specializing in handcrafted fine jewelry.  Unique and precious gemstones set in sterling silver and Gold.  We have been in business for 30 years and presently show at Taos Blue Gallery, Environmental Realists in Sedona AZ…

Jeffrey Rutledge MFA

Metal Sculptor and Oil Painter I create large  Sculptures for Private Fine Art collectors and Corporations. My studio is in Taos , N.M.

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