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Bernadette Pino

Santera Artist Bio: Coming Soon San Francisco, Bulto medium:  wood (jeluton), water color H 19" x 14" x 8" Email: Website: **

Charles Collins

Oil Painter, and Bronze sculpture Email: Website: ** Charles Collins is the most awarded artist in the history of the Taos Fall Arts Festival, Collins's show at Millicent Rogers museum, where they dubbed him a Taos master. Collins was…

Wolf Hall

Watercolorist, Cartoonist, Sculptor, Woodworker, Musician Artist Bio: With a BFA from Texas Tech University, Wolf has diverse interests and skills in art.  The medium is less important than the intention and imagery in his work.  He creates with the space…

Taylon Angelino

Sculpture/carving/mixed media/art cars Native new mexican. Lover of all things creative. My art is ever evolving. Do wood carving. Recycled art/metal sculpture. Mixed media. Ferro foam\cement. And art cars. Email:  

Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman is the latest generation of the famous Gorman family to continue a six-generation tradition of beautiful and award winning art in a unique and breath-taking style that is best described as distinctly ''Gorman''! Currently, Gorman is working in…

Sean Rising Sun Flanagan

Sculptor, Artist I am an indigenous artist from the Taos Pueblo. I create steel sculptures and cultural items such as painted elk and buffalo hide drums.  I draw inspiration from the ancestral images of my native roots.  My works…

Jeffrey Rutledge MFA

Metal Sculptor and Oil Painter I create large  Sculptures for Private Fine Art collectors and Corporations. My studio is in Taos , N.M.

Alma Quillian

I loved to draw before I could talk. The love expanded to include paint, clay, printmaking and almost any medium I could get my hands on. …

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