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Taylon Angelino

Sculpture/carving/mixed media/art cars Native new mexican. Lover of all things creative. My art is ever evolving. Do wood carving. Recycled art/metal sculpture. Mixed media. Ferro foam\cement. And art cars. Email:  

Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman is the latest generation of the famous Gorman family to continue a six-generation tradition of beautiful and award winning art in a unique and breath-taking style that is best described as distinctly ''Gorman''! Currently, Gorman is working in…

Sean Rising Sun Flanagan

Sculptor, Artist I am an indigenous artist from the Taos Pueblo. I create steel sculptures and cultural items such as painted elk and buffalo hide drums.  I draw inspiration from the ancestral images of my native roots.  My works…

Jeffrey Rutledge MFA

Metal Sculptor and Oil Painter I create large  Sculptures for Private Fine Art collectors and Corporations. My studio is in Taos , N.M.

Alma Quillian

I loved to draw before I could talk. The love expanded to include paint, clay, printmaking and almost any medium I could get my hands on. …

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