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Debrah Dubay

Oil Painter- Digital Artist As an artist it is fascinating to me that every individual sees color in unique ways since color is a construct in the mind of the perceiver. I like to imagine what bees, butterflies, and other…

Jan Bachman

Oil Painter I have a love for the layers of landscape. I am excited to explore new places but those that are familiar elicit stronger feelings. I like to paint where I've been. Since 1998, I have promoted the work…

Jeffrey Rutledge MFA

Metal Sculptor and Oil Painter I create large  Sculptures for Private Fine Art collectors and Corporations. My studio is in Taos , N.M.

Maria Mikhailas

Oil Painter As a child, Maria knew she wanted to be an artist. Her first formal training began when she was a fourteen year old exchange student in Mexico and took art classes at the Instituto Cultural in…

Bruce Katlin

Oil Painter Artist Bruce Katlin combines his love and passion for intense activity and various art mediums to make a living and live a life fulfilled. The great outdoors is his church and the flora and fauna is the choir. He paints…

Francene Beaman

Oil Painter The above piece is a scene just north of Chama, New Mexico.Email:

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