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Mark Maryanovich 2019

Jess Wayne

Jess Wayne has risen swiftly among a new generation of singer songwriters that bring full consequential lives and experiences to their music. Grounded in the roots and breadth of Americana, Jess transcends musical boundaries with songs and stories of the heart and soul, mind and spirit. Songs that transcend easy categorization yet are immediately familiar, by an artist that knows that life can be complex, messy, muddy, simple and beautiful, all at the same time.

Hi, I moved to Taos from Ojai in 2020.
Thank you for your consideration!
All the best, Jess

Stuns ~ No Depression
Blissful ~ Paste Magazine
Stunning ~ The Independent Spotlight
Fascinating ~ Brett David Stewart
Thought Provoking ~ Wisdom and Honesty ~ Huffpost
Molten Hot Concoction ~ Nashville Music Guide

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