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Monique Belitz

My name is Monique Belitz, born in the Netherlands and raised in Germany. I am a national and international exhibiting landscape artist who retired from being an art professor at Doane University in Nebraska to live in Taos in 2018. During the 45 years of my artistic production I have enjoyed 49 solo shows and over 75 group shows. I am currently represented by the Wilder Nightingale Gallery and the Magpie Gallery in Taos.

“Embudo in the Snow” – 
Acrylic Ink on Stonehenge Paper, 2019
11 x 14 inches

Since I moved to Taos I have been working in two different techniques. The first is a combination of painting and drawing using acrylic ink, either on paper or on wooden cradled boards. My second approach is mixed media, using watercolors, prints and drawings to create collaged landscapes, often with a small woman in it expressing an emotional state. While my current mixed media pieces are typically small, 6” x 6”, my paintings are mostly diptychs ranging from 8” x 16” to 12” x 24”.

My paintings are mental “snapshots” of the ever changing quality of light, color and mood of vistas I happen to observe from my property in Lama, or while driving. As these “snapshots” are firmly burned into my memory, I have no need to use photos. Using an innovative sequence of techniques, I first block in the main shapes with a brush, then use pen and ink to overlay the painting with patterns describing various surface qualities in fine detail.

Phone: 575-425-3125
Mailing Address: HC 81 box 30, Taos, NM
Type: Individual
Availability: Commissions, Sales

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