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"Life of Taos", oil on canvas, 52" x 72"

Jackson Ballard Gallery

Contemporary / Folk Artist
A native of Oklahoma and long time resident of Taos and now Santa Fe, Jackson finds his inspiration in Hispanic and Pueblo cultures of New Mexico. His paintings often capture stories of the past and present in their unique brushstrokes and blend of color schemes. A romanticism depicting an everyday simplicity to the lifestyle in the Southwest can be found in many of his most recent works. With no formal training, his signature style is expresses in the various mediums he works with which include: oil, watercolor, pastel, clay and plaster.

Phone: 505-982-6154
Mailing Address: 131 W. San Francisco St. Santa Fe, NM 87501

Contact: Jackson or Erica Ballard
Type: Business
Availability: Commissions, Sales

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