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Jackie Kolbenschlag
Fine Art Photographer

Artist Statement:

When photography first came forth, it was a controversial form of art, especially to painters of the time. The influence of photography quickly seeped into the world of painting helping painters produce impressionism, cubism and surrealism with it’s ability to capture the moment.

My intention with my work is to create a form of painting from a photograph, drawing close in to the color, texture and line creating abstract arrangements of space and design.

To further this idea, I will create a functional art by taking it off the wall and turning it into something useable and beautiful. My architectural background guides me in this direction.

University at Buffalo, Architecture major
Arizona State University, Architecture and Photography
Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Photography, 1995

Phone: 575-770-9590
Mailing Address: 12 Ortiz Ln, Taos, NM
Organization Type: Individual
Availability: Sales   

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