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Banner Layout Information:

To increase the chances of an image / art work being selected for the Town of Taos Banner Competition, please consider the overall layout of the banners. Included here is an example of how an image may be cropped and some points of what to consider. Vertical images work best. 

1) Please note this is a VERTICAL LAYOUT, so horizontal imagery presents challenges when cropping or fitting to the layout.

2) Note the placement of the type on the left side of the banner image, and how it may affect image content.

3) Note the amount of space above or below the primary content of an image, and how that may affect the layout onto a banner.

4) Note the type (Taos Is Art) and colored bar at the bottom of the banner layout, and how it may affect the layout or display of an image

* The above indications are considerations only. The submitted artwork does not have to necessarily fit the banner layout, but it is worth considering how well an image may or may not fit to the general layout of a banner. Also, layout considerations are only one aspect of selecting a winning image. Other considerations are color, display, content, mediums and so forth.

Example of a 30″ x 60″ layout cropping below:

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