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Said El Prado

MathemArtist MathemArtist TaosCube what is the Taos Cube? an art? a philosophy? is Taos Cube a real poetry? or is it nothing at all? Everything! A mathemArtist is a conspicuous poet, parading under the banner of transformation, moving beyond inertia,…

Michael Krob

Metal Artist Each piece of artwork is plasma cut from cold steel. It is then hand ground using a variety of techniques, giving it texture and distinction. The coloring is torched, then etched. Baked finish. Email:

Hannah Heaton

Oil Painter “The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer Through the practice of painting I become more aware of the greater ecosystem, of which I am a vital part. The…

Erica Wendel-Oglesby

Mosaic, Jewelry and Photography I am an artist drawn to all things Nature: plants, animals, landscapes and New Mexico weather. This is especially evident in my mosaics and photography! What I truly enjoy is crafting, by hand, birds, flowers and…

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