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Said El Prado


MathemArtist TaosCube what is the Taos Cube? an art? a philosophy? is Taos Cube a real poetry? or is it nothing at all? Everything! A mathemArtist is a conspicuous poet, parading under the banner of transformation, moving beyond inertia, in the abstract completeness aimed at – in the higher nonconsensus wave dynamics, in a participating sculpturing universe. The Cube The Cube began as a vision and is acknowledged now as the founding space of behavioral mathemArtistics, continually finding the most 
interesting questions to ask, The Cube, a lucky throw, a realm of subtlety
and ambiguity emerged, a system of curiosity and nonlinear formulas self-organized,
a symbiosis changing symmetry.
 The cube: an exposition concerning the library of all possibilities and the emergence of beauty in science, nature and art. 
I emphasize an extended concept of art, a new muse that is also the inspiration for science and philosophy, I name it ‘MathemArtist’, a sapient, reflective aesthetic. Science has evolved from creativity.
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