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Vera Neel
Fabric Arts, Nuno Felting

I define my work as a release of energy, inspiration, and ideas. My education and experience in fashion and art have given me an unconscious ability to absorb color, pattern, and composition, and apply that to the conscious process of focusing and editing my designs.

I work with felt in layers. Whether it is color, fabric, yarn, or hand embellishment, each layer is carefully explored and selected, and the relationship to the underlying layers is considered and approached. The result is a subtle relationship of art and design that make each piece unique.

The balance and harmony of nature make the transition to the felted medium a fluid and effortless process. Natural wool and silk combine with heat and water, fusing all of these elements.

My education in Italian Fashion School and education in computer design, besides many workshops in painting with famous artists, give me chance make unique wearable art for women.

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Vera Neel

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