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TK1 Youth MediaFest

ANNOUNCING The TK1 Youth MediaFest!!
Hi All! Happy April Fool’s!! Today we’re launching our very first festival — that’s right: A FESTIVAL!!! On Sunday, May 22 our Youth MediaFest launches with host two shows at the TCA (@ 1pm and then @ 5pm), with each celebrating all the AMAZING media created by students in our community. There are seven different categories, we’ll award cash prizes to the top three entries per category AND THEN… you the audience will text your choice for the Best-in-Show entry, with the winner walking away with a beautiful Canon DSLR camera!!

Entering the TK1 Youth MediaFest is FREE.

And you can submit up to 10 entries in any of these seven categories:

Best Video Short – non-fiction (e.g. a documentary)

Best Video Short – fiction (e.g. a movie)

Best Digital Animation (e.g. Stop-Motion Animation, FlipaClip)

Best Photograph

Best Photo Essay

Best Audio/Podcast

Best Digital Illustration

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