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Taos Arts Council
Instagram Account Update

The Taos Arts Council has enhanced their social media vector Instagram.
Join Us!

As the Taos Arts Council’s newly established Instagram account grows in popularity and reach, we have begun adding more colorful content promoting various Taos Artists with additional hashtags, linkage and description. As of this date (November 3, 2020) we have 376 followers, 83 posts and follow 125 accounts and growing weekly.

Shown here a sample post about Max Jones, a local artist and the accompanying information for example.

Art Banner Artist @maxjonesartist working of his Maxterpieces

Re-Posted• @maxjonesartist I’ve been busy in the studio working on brand new Maxterpieces! This collection reminds me of the Disney glasses they used to have at McDonalds. You gotta get a whole set! New pieces are now framed, hanging, and on the gallery online store! 
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