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Simone Wimett Jaramillo

We all strive to feel grounded in this world, to feel and be loved, to be inspired by those around us. In her art, she is driven to translate details of the human experience as interpreted in her mind into color-driven, vivacious, alluring imagery. Whether Simone’s art leads its viewers down a path of simple engagement, intellectual thought, or a session of visual stimulation, she experiences such happiness in sharing her work.

Simone was born and raised in Chimayo, a small town in Northern New Mexico. In her travels, her community work as a birth doula and in her exploring of nature, she finds the inspiration for her work.

“To live a life of meaning is to make our hearts, minds and spirits vulnerable by way of creating. To be witnessed is to create.” — Simone Wimett Jaramillo

Phone: 505-670-4726
Mailing Address:
Type: Individual
Availability: Personal Instruction, Commissions, Sales

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