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Freehold Taos Residency Center

Freehold Taos is is an international cultural center that seeks to provide a serene workspace (a two-room adobe casita with a bedroom, office, full bath and a kitchenette) and quiet, uninterrupted time for writers to practice their craft. Selective year-round residencies are open to writers, curators, artists and academics. The center is interested in writers working in all genres, curators and academics in all fields and artists working in small format, text-based work or plein air painting.

Freehold Taos Residency Center is located on Ute Mountain Ranch in Taos County, New Mexico. Selected residents stay in a beautiful, newly renovated casita that includes an office, bedroom, kitchenette and full bathroom. The ranch, situated on five acres overlooking Ute Mountain, is a refuge from the stresses of daily life. Residents are able to focus on their creative practice during their stay in the Rio Grande del Norte Monument. Read More

Phone: 925-381-5390
Physical Location: HC 81 Box 672, Questa, NM 87556 (Ute Mountain Ranch in Taos County, New Mexico (Mapquest))
Organization Type:
Availability: Workshops

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