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Charles Mühle
Northern New Mexico Photography

Charles seeks to capture the complete range of light, taming highlights and illuminating shadows to render bold saturated colors in the Southwestern tradition.

Decades of film and darkroom. Now fully embracing digital photography. Shooting digital exclusively in RAW and developing with the RAW Converter offering the Ultimate Image Quality and Color.

He continues to employ medium format platforms for film.
He has lived in and photographed the Rocky Mountain West for over forty years.
His artwork has been featured on CD albums and websites.

His degree is in Fine Art and Architecture from NYU. Studied photography at MoMA. Charles Mühle lives in El Prado, Taos, NM.

Website: TaosFineArt.Photography
Phone: 575-779-9963
Mailing Address: 14 Este Mirada, El Prado NM 87529 
Organization Type: Individual
Availability: Sales

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