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Jackson Ballard Gallery

Contemporary / Folk Artist
A native of Oklahoma and long time resident of Taos and now Santa Fe, Jackson finds his inspiration in Hispanic and Pueblo …

Mary Barnes
Mary Barnes Fine Arts

I work primarily in oils and works on papers and stone sculpture. I divide my time between landscapes and seascapes and paintings of people in social setting …

Blu Axsom

Working Artist, Full-time student.
Submission entry for 2019 Taos banner contest.

Phone: 575-770-3773 or 872-210-7440
Mailing Address: 43C Sarita Rd., Taos NM
Contact: …

Taos Watercolor Society

Taos Watercolor Society
Northern NM watercolor group dedicated to educating and encouraging public understanding and appreciation of watercolor painting, to promote the production of professional quality …

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