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Bruce Katlin

Oil Painter

Artist Bruce Katlin combines his love and passion for intense activity and various art mediums to make a living and live a life fulfilled. The great outdoors is his church and the flora and fauna is the choir. He paints while trail running and hiking (often at the same time) in the wide and beautiful canvas of New Mexico. He uses Masonite boards and carries all materials on his back.

When Bruce paints he is focused on capturing the spirit and then releasing the energy within a subject. On his trail running and painting adventures the combined activities provide an unparalleled nirvana-like state, one where pragmatic thinking and intuitiveness flow effortlessly. For the past several years, Bruce has been researching the effects of high altitude exercise and its linkage to creativity and divergent thinking, communicating with National and International research labs compiling their findings along with his own.

A sample of his painting is shown here. More can be viewed on his website:

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