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Arts Vibrancy in Taos County
Aug 8, 2017

SMU’s National Center for Arts Research (NCAR) has recently released its third annual Arts Vibrancy Index, which ranks more than 900 communities across the country, examining the level of supply, demand, and government support for the arts in each city. We also have a free, interactive, national arts vibrancy county heat map. The National Association of Counties contributed an article about it for our blog recently, as well as Franklin County, OH. The relevance and contributions of arts and culture to every-day life and community economies are real and provide Americans a rich artistic and cultural legacy. We’re thrilled to celebrate arts vibrancy in communities large and small across the country.

Below is a screen shot of our interactive arts vibrancy county heat map. We provide scores for every county’s Arts Dollars, Arts Providers, Government Support, Socio-economic and Other Leisure characteristics.

We invite you to contribute a short article (3-500 words) for our blog. How do you support or promote arts and culture? What makes the arts vibrant in your community? What are the cultural assets in Taos County? What are the challenges to maintaining or growing a vibrant cultural community? What does the future look like? How might you use our heat map in your work? These may be some questions to consider when writing something for us, but you may have other things to share that are more important to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

National Center for Arts Research

SMU / Meadows School of the Arts

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