Welcome to Our New Website!

Friday, 16 October 2015 19:00

WELCOME to the TAOS ARTS COUNCIL Art in Touch Art Network !

This is a free and public "directory" of information covering the artists and art organizations of Taos and Northern New Mexico — supported by members and public contributions to our 501-C3 non-profit arts council.  The mission of the Taos Arts Council, as advocates for all of the arts, is to promote awareness, understanding, appreciation and development in all of the Creative Arts (literary, visual, tactile, musical, performing, etc.) in order to enhance the quality of life in our Northern New Mexico region.  

The depth, reliability, and usefulness of the Art in Touch Art Network depends entirely upon artists and art organizations by submitting a SUBMISSION FORM for each art medium and for editing, one's self, whenever information needs to be updated or deleted.

Thanks are given to the artists and art organizations for making this an important and exciting portal to the arts in Northern New Mexico.

It is our hope that VISITORS, and LOCALS alike, will find all of the information they need to discover, meet and engage with the rich and creative artists and art community of Northern New Mexico.  Judith Rane for TAC