Writing, the verbal art - prose, poetry, stream, song, biographical, historical… This listing focuses on the individuals and groups engaged in the many styles of creative writing and explorations of literature in the Taos Area. Taos hosts many groups and classes which examine, discuss, practice and read in the effort to study and further writing skills. It also is home to and visited by many individuals writing for all reasons and seasons, in a wide range of genres, and on topics both near and far.

Writing Organizations


Home Page of Minorheron.org

Minor Heron - Taos Poetry Circus
Repository and Distributor of Taos Poetry Video and Audio Archives

Website - minorheron.org
Email - minorheron@minorheron.org
Phone - 575-758-1029
Mailing Address - 512 Cam. San Miguel, Taos NM 87571
Primary Contact - Anne
Organization Type - Non-Profit
Availability - Sales
Message - Order videos and gear from world renown Taos Poetry Circus festivals.


Cisco Guevara at a recent SOMOS Storytelling Fest,
by Steve Fox

SOMOS, The Literary Society of Taos - Supports and nurtures the literary arts, both written and spoken, honoring cultural diversity in the Southwest. 
SOMOS is a membership organization. Our live readings, workshops, conferences, and festivals not only showcase accomplished writers, but also encourage creativity in novice writers from all walks of life.

Website - http://somostaos.org
Email - somos@somostaos.org
Phone - 575-758-0081
Mailing Address - PO Box 3225, Taos NM 87571
Primary Contact - Director of Programs, Jan Smith
Organization Type - Non-profit
Availability - Personal Instruction, Classes, Workshops


Cara Fox

3; A Taos Press, Andrea L. Watson, Founding Publisher - Publisher of Poetry. 
3: A Taos Press is a multicultural and ethically voiced publishing house. Books are artistically designed and authors are honored. Primary genre: Poetry. Submissions are by invitation.

Website - www.3taospress.com
Email - 3taospress@gmail.com
Phone - 303-249-4731
Mailing Address - PO Box 370627, Denver, CO 80237; 4196 NDCBU, Taos, NM 87571
Primary Contact - Andrea L. Watson
Organization Type - Business, Commercial Organization
Availability - Workshops



Home Page of Verdadcreative.com

Verdad Creative - Writing, Editing & Performance Services
Bringing Your Words to Life With David Perez - Writing & Editing Services, Reading & Performance Coaching, Grant Writing, Individual Instruction & Workshops

Website - www.verdadcreative.com
Email - verdadcreative@gmail.com
Phone - 575-770-5145
Mailing Address - 209 Lund Street, Taos NM 87571
Primary Contact - David Perez
Organization Type - Business
Availability - Personal Instruction, Workshops

Writers / Poets


Virginia Barrett - Poet, Author, Artist, Educator
Virginia Barrett - Poet, Author, Artist, Educator
Virginia Barrett's poetry invites an excursion into a varied landscape of voice and form. Stylistically, poems range from intimate lyrics to expansive narratives. The work can be playful, meditative, visionary, challenging, and open to experimentation. Her thematic span uses a wide lens. Poems include female-centric pieces on childhood and family history, ekphrastic works exploring issues that artists often face in unsupportive (even hostile) societies, urban-inspired musings, adventures into myth, and mystical encounters in the natural world. What weaves throughout her work is a deep need to look out at the world, to gaze as does a painter, to absorb what the eyes see and to offer it back—altered and transfigured in some way.
Website - www.virginiabarrett.com
Email - virginiabarrett7@gmail.com
Phone - (415) 657-6601
Mailing Address - 320 Burch St. Taos, NM 87571
Organization Type - Individual
Availability - Professional

Virginia L. Clark - Writer
Virginia L. Clark - poet/writer, arts writer

Website - **
Email - vlsclark40@gmail.com
Phone - (575) 779-6906
Mailing Address - PO Box 482 Valdez NM 87580
Organization Type - Individual
Availability - Professional




Homepage of Annie MacNaughton
Anne MacNaughton - artist, and writing and editing coach
Experienced poet, author, editor. Visual artist.

Website - anniemacnaughton.com
Email - annie@lucidperformance.com
Phone - 575-758-1029
Mailing Address - 512 Cam. San Miguel, Taos, NM 87571
Organization Type - Individual
Availability - Personal Instruction, Workshops, Sales