Individuals and organizations working the the glass arts, both hot and cold. The Glass Arts share both a visual presence and tactile experience. They can present us with a wide spectrum of appearance including patterns, colors, shape and style and also present widely different surface finishes from coarse to water smooth - from the feel of the many types of finished surfaces to all types of glass creations and their signature colorings, dimension and touch.

Taos and Northern New Mexico hosts a vibrant community of individuals working with glass in many different directions and combinations. This section of the Taos Arts Council lists the glassworkers and other creatives working with these mediums.




Untitled, 20 x 20
Scott Messnick
Fused Glass Art


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Phone - 281.723.7007
Mailing Address - 46 Camino de Los Arroyos
Organization Type - Individual
Availability - Sales, Commisions