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‘Celebration of the Arts’ Random Art Sale 2022 Gallery

Art for Sale

“Across the Valley”

“Houses in San Cristobal”

“Sunflowers and Taos Mountain”

“She found a Way to Freedom”


“Winged Goddess”

“Taos Dwelling”

“Wolf Head Shadow”

“Good Morning Beautiful”

“Flower of Life”

“Before the Dawn”

“Lady in Blue at Taos Pueblo”

‘Fur Cardboard”

“Pronghorns in the Snow”

“The Collection”



“El Rito Wet Summer”

“River with Island”

“First Snow”

“Fall Aspens”

“Arroyo Seco Sunset”


“River’s Edge”


“Ghost Riders”

“A Prayer for Peace”


“Farsi Desiderare”

“August 22”

“Black Mountains”

“En Camino a el Rito”

“Mixed Magenta”

“Rainy Sunset, Lonely Car”

“Dreamscape #2”

“Ravens Flying High”

“Unzipping the Cosmos”

“Twisted Horns”

“Opening Planes”

“Here We Are”

“I Wonder…”

“Clay Three”

“Our Lady of Radiance”

“Portal 2”

“Slava Ukrnaini (Bless Ukraine)”

“Sleeping Beauty TQ”

“Both Sides”

“Embracing the Rain”

“Dos Toros”


“Vita Nova”

“Unloading Today’s Catch in Dar Es Salaam”

“Small Red Lit Walls”


“Taos Pueblo Xmas Eve”

“Earthship in February”

“Cree Time”

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