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Peggy Larsen
Whimsical Art

Experienced color pencil artist depicting a whimsical world filled with color and happiness. Able to leap to watercolor or acrylic paints to express a playful and …

Simone Wimett Jaramillo

We all strive to feel grounded in this world, to feel and be loved, to be inspired by those around us. In her art, she is …

Carolene Herbel
Southwest Fine Art

Carolene Herbel is a Taos, New Mexico artist and painter who works with acrylics and oils in her paintings of the southwest. Inspired by the northern …

Sundara Heart

Figurative or landscape, my voice informs the work. Oil and acrylic are my primary mediums, but I also work in clay and enjoy photography, and installation …

Kai Harper Leah

I am a painter working with acrylics and I also make clay sculpture. I've been working in both these mediums throughout my life. Website - www.kaiharperart.comEmail - kaiharper@gmail.comPhone - 575-587-1771Mailing Address - POB 100 Penasco, NM 87553Type - IndividualAvailability - Sales

Carol M. Doughty

Carol M. Doughty Watercolors  
Original Watercolors and Giclee Prints.

Art is a process where I can honor the joy, beauty, and meaning in objects, nature, and …

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