The Taos Business Consortium was founded by the Taos Arts Council as part of its outreach in 2015.

The purpose of the consortium is to collectively discuss yearly art and advertising themes, purchase advertising or other expenses as a group rather than individually, interact with the Town of Taos with a unified voice, and generally look for ways to promote common interests.

The consortium has quarterly meetings that are subject related, and are organized by the Taos Arts Council.
Listed below are items / areas of focus identified by Consortium meetings and Public Forums sponsored by the TAC.



Establish Common Agendas

Collaborate in Efforts to Support One Another

Build a Vibrant, Sustainable Community for All Ages and Income

Broaden Appreciation and Deep Understanding of Cultural Events

Support Visual Art Space, and Affordable, Large Community Art Center

Create a Database of Community Arts and Resources

Purchase Collective Ads

Partner with Town of Taos Marketing

Engage in Mutual Reinforcement & Activities 

Create Consistent Communications

Create Advanced Planning and Communications

Hold Collegial Meetings at Various Locations

Establish Subject Approach at Consortium Meetings

Create Directory for Arts Consortium 
Add Skills, Talents to online database

Establish Universal Calendar Access


Create Consistent, Measureable Results 

Quantify Collective Ads -
Promotional costs & Placement value

Keep Attendance and Volunteer Statistics
Surveys - Demographics, Diversity, Zip Codes

Assess Actions and Taos Economic Impact



For more information, contact the TAC at or phone 575-779-8579.

 Examples of collective print buying below.


Full Page Layout - THE Magazine
Visual Arts Source Newsletter - September