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Announcing the 2023 “Taos is Art” Lamppost Banner Competition by Town of Taos and Taos Arts Council

In order to highlight Taos as an arts destination; celebrate and support the rich diversity of our community and the abundant creativity of our artists; give visibility to those who may not normally receive representation; and delineate and beautify the historic district – the Town of Taos and the Taos Arts Council are seeking Taos County artists’ art work for a lamppost banner campaign that will be on view within the Town of Taos from approximately late spring through early fall, exact dates to be determined in conjunction with the Town of Taos. It is our goal to feature a diverse and inclusive set of artists currently living and working within Taos County, while welcoming visitors to Taos and the historic district.

CALL FOR ENTRIES ENDS: February 3, 2023

 FOR FULL ENTRY DETALS: please click here 

2022 “Taos is Art” Banners

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The Taos Arts Council works to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of all of the creative arts, literary, visual, textile, musical, performance etc. and to be an advocate for the artist/artisans and arts organizations in Taos County and Northern New Mexico.

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Updates & Activities of the Taos Arts Council

2023 Taos is Art Banner Competition by Town of Taos & Taos Arts Council Call For Entry

In order to highlight Taos as an arts destination, celebrate and support the abundant creativity of our artists, give visibility to those who may not normally receive representation, and delineate and beautify the historic district...


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See Our Artist Network

Carolene Herbel
Southwest Fine Art

Carolene Herbel is a Taos, New Mexico artist and painter who works with acrylics and oils in her paintings of the southwest. Inspired by the northern New Mexico colors and culture, she paints the local scenery, landscapes, architecture, lifestyles, plants and animals around her. Her use of vibrant colors and strokes reflect the changing light and textures found across the high desert of northern New Mexico.

Sundara Heart

Figurative or landscape, my voice informs the work. Oil and acrylic are my primary mediums, but I also work in clay and enjoy photography, and installation and public art projects. My paintings are currently on show at the 'Taos Artist Collective'. I am originally from the North of England but reside here in the magical town of Taos.

Mola Cat Designs
Stephen Vaughn

I derive inspiration from the textile art of indigenous cultures around the globe to make visible the currents of energy that exist beneath the surface of our reality, and underpin the very fabric of being.

Taos Is Art

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About the Taos Arts Council

What the Arts Council Does

The Taos Arts Council was founded in 2012 with the vision to create a central hub in support of the Arts and Artists Community in Taos, Taos County and Northern New Mexico.

Towards that longstanding goal, the TAC has been actively working towards defining its positioning in relation with the other entities and initiatives currently in Taos — such as the Town of Taos, The Taos Business Consortium, Art Space, Mainstreet, Strong at Heart and similar such government or grassroots organizations.

The stated approach for the Taos Arts Council is to support all constructive dialogue and action between organizations and individuals that is mutually beneficial to all involved.

Activities and Goals Include:

  • Need to Work with Local Government(s)
  • Need for Information Sharing
  • Need for Public Art & Spaces
  • Identifying Cooperative Efforts
  • Coordinated Activities Between Arts Related Organizations
  • Acting as Public Voice for Local Arts Community

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“The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.”

— Paul Strand
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