The Visual Arts in Taos is an extensive, active community of artists exploring expression through various painting techniques using oil, watercolor or acrylic paints, varied illustration styles, mixed media, collage and other similar approaches. The styles range from classical to abstract, contemporary to comical, portrait to personal.

Drawn by the infamous light of Northern New Mexico and a supportive natural and social environment, Taos has evolved into a rich artist colony in which the Visual Arts are a pervasive part. Everywhere we are surrounded by the works of artists known and unknown - from the half dozen Museums in the area - to the numerous exhibits, showings and Galleries around town - to the art randomly hanging in the coffee shops, town halls, restaurants - to the walls for murals and other such spots, places or venues.

This section of the Visual Arts lists the individuals and organizations in Northern New Mexico dedicated to the furtherance of this area of creativity, expression, talent and discipline.