April 30, 2018 - Call for Artists - Registration deadline for Taos Indoor Art Market - June Opening

Call for Artists - Taos Indoor Art Market

4500 sq. feet, vaulted ceilings, near major hotels, convention center, southside spa

10 x 10 booth space - weekends only, some include wall space for large art, textiles - $40.00 per weekend per space -

12 weekend minimum commitment required, artist chooses weekends, consecutive not required, first come first serve basis.

Potters, jewelers, sculptors, fiber, glass, metal, wood, fine and folk art, indoor/outdoor food vendor, performance artists, etc. 

Booth share ok, Art organizations welcome.

No dealers, some restrictions per open chemicals, etc.

Artist keeps all sales, must have floor covering.

Registration deadline April 30, 2018 for June opening

Accept contract and remit payment; major credit card, cashier’s check, to NonviolentWorks, Inc. 1337 Gusdorf Road, Taos, NM. 

Contact Beatrice Miera 575-613-3036 for more info.

Local Non-Profit-NVW, Inc.

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