The Taos Arts Council is a non-profit organization working to ensure that Taos County has a vibrant, vital and active arts environment. The mission of the TAC is to promote awareness, understanding, appreciation and development of all of the Creative Arts (literary, visual, tactile, musical, performing, etc.) in order to enhance the quality of life in our Northern New Mexico area.

If you would like to be involved the the TAC, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always inviting motivated individuals to be a part of our efforts to support the Taos Arts Community, either by participating on our boards or committees or as part of individual projects. We can be contacted at or 575-779-8579 for more information.



Paul Figueroa - President
Judith Rane - Vice President
Cecilia Cuff Secretary
Michael Miro - Treasurer

Gunther Nachtrab - Board Member
Laura Walker - Board Member
Sonya Davis - Board Member
Jules Epstein 
- Board Member

Perry Penick - Administrative Assistant

*Bylaws - Article X: Committees

All members of the Board of Directors shall serve on at least one committee. Each year at the July meeting the President shall appoint a member of the BOD to chair each of the Standing Committees (listed below). The Executive Director shall be an ex-officio member of each committee.




The Vice-President is the designated chair of the Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint at least two other members from the Board of Directors. The Committee reviews needs of the Council throughout the year, propose slate of Office / Board members and develop an orientation plan / list of responsibilities for Board Members.

President & (2) Board Members minimum
Responsible for recruiting, appraising and orienting new board members for the TAC


The Treasurer is the designated chair of the Finance Committee. The Committee assists in the preparation of the annual budget, reviews the books and records at fiscal year end, and recommends policies.

President & (2) Board Members minimum
Responsible for the review, reporting and financial policy recommendations for the TAC


Recruits, encourages and invites members, seeks to develop a diverse array of individuals and talents to insure the TAC serves a broad spectrum of the Creative Arts Community. Encourages gifts and members, knowledge of grants and funding sources, trainings and workshops for Board.

Focus on Longer Term Community Planning
Responsible for identifying grant and funding sources
Responsible for inviting, encouraging and recruiting individuals to participate in various projects of the TAC


Responsible for developing programming, events and activities to serve artists and audiences throughout the community. Specific activities of COC shall be carried out by ad hoc committees with the support of the Executive Director. The committee advocates, promotes, educates and on behalf of the Council, builds relationships with other organizations, creates opportunities for artists and develops / maintains communications, website, social media. Includes outreach to other communities in New Mexico and US. May assist with Art in Public Space in Art in Taos Town Hall.

Focus on Developing Community Interests and Resources
Responsible for advocating on behalf of the greater Taos Arts Community
Responsible for aligning with other community organizations in areas of common interests and goals
Responsible for marketing and communications



The president may appoint 'ad-hoc' committees from the Board of Directors or task teams from the membership at large, as circumstances warrant, or as directed by the BOD.



Board Member Profiles


Paul Figueroa

Paul Figueroa, President - Paul Figueroa's professional career started after completing an MA in American Studies and a three year enlistment in the US Army as a finance specialist. From 1976 to 1988 he was a Curator of Education and in charge of special exhibitions at the Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC. In this capacity Paul established the Heritage Education Forum for tri-county cultural resources, established a partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education and received a fellowship from the Kellogg Foundation in museum education and the Southeastern Museum Educator award.Paul supervised major exhibitions on Afro-American art and coordinated exhibitions at the Gibbes for the Spoleto Festival USA.

From 1988-2002 he was the Executive Director of the Gibbes developing relationships with the Charleston Visitor Bureau, increasing funding from local governments and reaccreditation for the museum. He was a recipient of the Governor's Award in Humanities and created partnerships with the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Charleston, College of Charleston and the South Carolina Historical Society. Her served on the board of the South Carolina Federation of Museums, the Tr-County Arts Council and the Southeastern Art Education Association.

In 2003 he was appointed Executive Director of the Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA. In this capacity he implemented policies for the collection, endowment and investment and several capital projects for its collection and educational. Working with the Board a collection management and ethics policies, audit committee and disaster recovery plan were established. He participated and addressed funding requests to Santa Cruz County and participated in the Association of Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.

He assumed the position of Executive Director at the Millicent Rogers Museum in 2011. The next year he became an active volunteer in the cultural needs of Taos. He was involved with the founding of the Taos Arts Council in 2013 serving as its Treasurer, Vice-President and its grant writing to NM Arts and Taos County Lodger's Tax Fund. He has led projects with art in public spaces and the coordination of a Taos Arts Council Consortium of arts organizations. He became a Board member of the Taos County Historical Society in 2013 with responsibilities for its monthly programs and their promotion. In 2013 he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Taos Fall Arts Festival. He was instrumental in the planning of its 40th anniversary with multiple venues and events including the partnership with Paseo Project for its launch. Currently he is President of the Taos Fall Arts Festival and secures funding from local and state government through grants and foundation gifts.


Judith Rane

Judith Rane, Vice President - Judith Rane spent her professional career as a Senior Computer Systems Analyst for over thirty years working for business, academia, computer companies and the US Government.

In 1986 Rane was a member of THE GREAT PEACE MARCH, a nine and half month peace walk across the continental United States for Nuclear Disarmament and Social Justice - serving in part as a member of the Board of Directors. Throughout the 1990's Rane was a founding board member of INTERNATIONAL PEACE WALK, sponsors of over eight peace walks in the former Soviet Union and America, each consisting of daily wlaking, meal sharing, tent camping, friendship building, meetings, speakers, consensus building and cultural exchanges.

Currently Rane serves on the Board of the Taos Fall Arts Festival, the Taos Arts and Cultural District, and the Advisory Board of the Taos Environmental Film Festival. Other personal interests range from art administration (Ex. Director of the Taos Center for the Arts, late 1990's), acting, directing, script writing, Haiku poetry and Koan study to being a professional weaver, knitter and writer. She is the wife of the late Taos painter, Bill Rane.


Cecilia Cuff

Cecilia Cuff, Secretary - Cecilia Cuff joined the Taos Arts Council in 2017. She joins in hopes of unifying and empowering the vast and diverse arts community in Taos to assist the Taos Arts Council’s mission to enhance the quality of life in our Northern New Mexico area through art. 

Cecilia moved to Taos in 2014 to assist The Belvedere Group in the design and construction of The Blake, Taos Ski Valley’s newest luxury art focused hotel addition. She continues to work towards further renovation and enhancement of all restaurants in Taos Ski Valley with a strong focus on community inclusion through procurement, employment, art and design. Before landing in Taos, Cecilia traveled the globe designing and renovating food & beverage operations for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

In July of 2016, Cecilia opened the doors to parse SECO, an art residency & creative space located in Arroyo Seco, NM. Parse SECO is focused on advocating access to all arts across all communities, artist driven education for community youth, and inclusion of diverse and underrepresented voices. Along with her team, she has facilitated a monthly art based residency focused on art immersion, monthly exhibitions, free community workshops for at risk youth, and donations for student artist and programs. Parse SECO is a nomadic branch of Parse NOLA founded in New Orleans in 2006. The Parse project continues to grow throughout the world as branches of unforgiving creativity and expression.


Michael Miro

Michael Miro, Treasurer - Michael Miro spent most of his life in Oakland, California until he moved to Taos New Mexico in 2013. Michael served in the US Air Force from 1971-1974. Throughout the mid to late seventies, with the GI Bill, he attend college studying a wide variety of subjects in the arts and sciences and received a degree in Social Science. He worked for 20 plus years in the printing industry working in a union shop as a journeyman pre-press specialist. From 1981 to 1988 he published a music and art magazine called BravEar through his printing and graphics company Positive Press. In the nineteen eighties he founded a non-profit organization called 510 Arts and Culture to unify and promote the artist community in the San Francisco East Bay/Oakland area. Within that organization Michael published 510 a magazine and produced a TV show, 510 Rocket to Stardom, covering the diverse range of the arts and culture in the Bay Area.

After relocating to Taos in the 2014 he established his own art glass studio, Miro Glass. He was a member of Glass Alliance-New Mexico and served on the board. He was a founding member of the Taos Institute for Glass Arts and was part of establishing the Annual Taos Art Glass Invitational which brought national artists working in glass which brought patrons to Taos for demonstrations, workshops, events and exhibits in many of the galleries in Taos. In 2012 he was a founding board member of the Taos Arts Council where he now serves as treasurer.



Gunther Nachtrab, Board Member - Gunther joined the Taos Arts Council as a board member in 2016. Originally from Germany, Gunther has enjoyed a very varied career. He was trained as an engineer in radio and television technology. He worked for ten years in television and later became a sales engineer for General Instruments in Germany. After immigrating to the US, Gunther worked as a product manager for electronic components in the Washington, DC area with a focus on Europe. Later he opened his own consulting company for safety in robotic manufacturing.

Gunther always maintained a connection with friends in the arts and he has for years been an avid collector. In 1990 he relocated to Taos and opened a Atellier 751 Fine Arts Gallery specializing in contemporary art. In time, he participated in art classes at the UNM campus in Taos. He paints in his private time at his home studio! And, he is an opera fan!


Sonya Davis

Sonya Davis, Board Member - Sonya Davis joined the Taos Arts Council board in May 2018. She has lived in Taos since May 2017 when she accepted the position of Director of Development at the Harwood Museum of Art.

Prior to moving to New Mexico, Sonya spent nearly two decades in Florida where she worked in various non-profit leadership roles. During that time, she was the Executive Director of the Lighthouse Arts Center (Jupiter/Tequesta, FL) and later, at the Pensacola Museum of Art (Pensacola, FL). Sonya also served on the staff of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council as Chief Operating Officer and then as Vice President for Services and Education. During that time, she sat on the arts curriculum development committee for the Palm Beach County School District as well as serving six years on the board of the Florida Alliance for Arts Education, a statewide arts education and advocacy organization. She was their Interim Director in 2012-2013.

Beginning in 2012, she was a fundraising and organizational development consultant. Some of her recent projects include campaigns to build a K-8 school addition for Autistic children and to build a public skatepark under the I-110 overpass. She has helped numerous organizations, both clients and pro bono, with setting up fundraising infrastructure through their strategic planning processes.

Among her volunteer activities, Sonya was the Past Chair of National Philanthropy Day for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) West Florida Chapter where she also served as Chapter President. In addition to her membership on the Taos Arts Council board, she currently serves on the board of Sunday’s Child, a grants-making non-profit, and on the Advisory Council for the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. She is a current member of “Women Give” at the Taos Community Foundation.

With family roots in Minnesota, Sonya received both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from UMN, focusing her graduate work in Art History.


Jules Epstein

Jules Epstein, Board Member - A Philadelphia native and graduate of the Pennsylvania State University (BFA in Graphic Design), Jules settled in the Boston area where he later founded the brand design and management firm known as Primary Design, Inc. in 1981. As CEO and Creative Director of this company, it grew to have a national following with annual sales of $5M and 25+ employees. In the nearly 33 years that Jules led the firm, they won numerous regional and national awards for design and marketing in the areas of real estate, food, healthcare, travel and non-profit. Jules sold Primary Design in 2013 and moved with his wife, Georgia, and their two daughters to Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico where they have owned a home since 2009.

He currently runs a part-time consulting business, Consulting ThreeSixty, and sits on the board of the Roots and Wings Youth Enrichment Program having previously served four years as a board member and vice president of the Roots and Wings Charter School in Lama, NM. Prior to leaving Massachusetts, Jules taught design part-time for several years at a Boston area community college, founded and chaired a city-wide foundation to promote Haverhill, MA, and was a partner in a nationwide discount travel business recognized by Money Magazine for its innovation and growth. Since 2004 when he was first introduced to Taos, Jules has been very much engaged with all areas of the Taos arts community. He joined the Taos Arts Council as a board member in 2018.


Laura Walker

Laura Walker, Board Member - Laura is an active member of the local and national arts community. She has been advocating the arts through developing and organizing workspaces and exhibition spaces for artists and art organizations for approximately 20 years. She has owned, collaborated, and exhibited works within several galleries in Taos NM. As well, she has curated and assisted in collaborative creative efforts in NY and CA. She is a multi-level artist working in various fields of art, including the visual and performing arts and arts administration.