The Taos Arts Council is a non-profit organization working to ensure that Taos County has a vibrant, vital and active arts environment. The mission of the TAC is to promote awareness, understanding, appreciation and development of all of the Creative Arts (literary, visual, tactile, musical, performing, etc.) in order to enhance the quality of life in our Northern New Mexico area.

If you would like to be involved the the TAC, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always inviting motivated individuals to be a part of our efforts to support the Taos Arts Community, either by participating on our boards or committees or as part of individual projects. We can be contacted at or 575-779-8579 for more information.



Paul Figueroa - President
Judith Rane - Vice President
Cecilia Cuff – Secretary
Michael Miro - Treasurer

Chelsea Reidy - Board Member
Gunther Nachtrab - Board Member
Laura Walker - Board Member
Sonya Davis - Board Member
Jules Epstein 
- Board Member

*Bylaws - Article X: Committees

All members of the Board of Directors shall serve on at least one committee. Each year at the July meeting the President shall appoint a member of the BOD to chair each of the Standing Committees (listed below). The Executive Director shall be an ex-officio member of each committee.




The Vice-President is the designated chair of the Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint at least two other members from the Board of Directors. The Committee reviews needs of the Council throughout the year, propose slate of Office / Board members and develop an orientation plan / list of responsibilities for Board Members.

President & (2) Board Members minimum
Responsible for recruiting, appraising and orienting new board members for the TAC


The Treasurer is the designated chair of the Finance Committee. The Committee assists in the preparation of the annual budget, reviews the books and records at fiscal year end, and recommends policies.

President & (2) Board Members minimum
Responsible for the review, reporting and financial policy recommendations for the TAC


Recruits, encourages and invites members, seeks to develop a diverse array of individuals and talents to insure the TAC serves a broad spectrum of the Creative Arts Community. Encourages gifts and members, knowledge of grants and funding sources, trainings and workshops for Board.

Focus on Longer Term Community Planning
Responsible for identifying grant and funding sources
Responsible for inviting, encouraging and recruiting individuals to participate in various projects of the TAC


Responsible for developing programming, events and activities to serve artists and audiences throughout the community. Specific activities of COC shall be carried out by ad hoc committees with the support of the Executive Director. The committee advocates, promotes, educates and on behalf of the Council, builds relationships with other organizations, creates opportunities for artists and develops / maintains communications, website, social media. Includes outreach to other communities in New Mexico and US. May assist with Art in Public Space in Art in Taos Town Hall.

Focus on Developing Community Interests and Resources
Responsible for advocating on behalf of the greater Taos Arts Community
Responsible for aligning with other community organizations in areas of common interests and goals
Responsible for marketing and communications



The president may appoint 'ad-hoc' committees from the Board of Directors or task teams from the membership at large, as circumstances warrant, or as directed by the BOD.